• 26 FEB 16
    Basics for a healthier and happier life

    Basics for a healthier and happier life

    Understanding health from our perspective gives the individual the opportunity to become healthier by taking the appropriate steps. The following basic points will lead you to a healthier happier life.

    1. A balanced diet.

    This is important for a good functioning of the digestive system which has a close relationship with the spine, both directly via ligaments, muscles and fascia, and indirectly via sufficient absorption of vitamins and minerals to ensure a good function of all the body’s organs.
    This means – ample fruit and vegetables, grains, fish and soya products. Sufficient water (1-2litres/day) and low caffeine intake (coffee and cola) or other fizzy drinks or foods rich in animal fats or sugar. (Especially refined sugars found in cakes, sweets etc)

    2. Positive outlook

    Our psyche and our thoughts have an enormous influence on our physical body. Psychosomatic problems aren’t problems that sit between the ears, they really do exist in the physical body. Therefore it is really important to give enough attention to working on our emotions and striving for a positive view on life.

    3. Sufficient exercise

    We were designed to move, but we are living in an increasingly sedentary society. This puts huge stress on the body both physically and emotionally. Sport is about being alive! and is a vital part of life,with movement allowing the body’s joints to freely move, and to use it’s muscles in another way, which also helps emotionally by putting into perspective our daily stresses and worries.

    4. Good posture

    Because a lot of people have a sedentary job which involves sitting behind a desk for large amounts of the day, posture is really important to avoid over using certain structures. Sitting back in a good supporting chair will help spinal muscles relax during the day. Also try and make sure the computer is straight infront of you, and your table height is set up for you with your elbows being 90 degrees to your body, and so that you don’t have to lean too far to reach the keyboard or mouse.

    5. Efficient breathing

    It is vital that all cells and all organs in the body receive enough oxygen and food so that they can function well. Good deep breathing also helps rest, relaxation and bowel function. It is important that we breathe with our diaphragm (deep stomach breathing) which is much more efficient than breathing with our upper ribs These breathing exercises can be done x1 per day for 10minutes and after a while the body will begin doing this automatically. There are also exercise forms such as yoga and pilates where breathing exercises are incorporated.