• 01 JUN 17
    Vincent Gouwy

    Vincent Gouwy

    • Structural problems as a result of overuse, stress, or a physical trauma
    • Bachelor of Science honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine D.O.

    Vincent Gouwy grew up in Sint-Martens-Latem. He graduated from the International Academy of Osteopathy (I.A.O.) in Gent in 2009, with a 1st class Bachelor of science degree in Osteopathy (University of Wales)

    Vincent works in our practice on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    Vincent Gouwy uses all aspects of osteopathy, working mainly with adults, and children from 12years old.

    In 2018 he attained a degree in psychotherapy. (Vivas hogeschool) and this knowledge has given him an extra insight into the link between the body and soul. Vincent specialises in problems as a result of overuse, stress, (for example burnout) or a physical trauma.

    Before starting here in Tervuren, I worked for a number of years in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Leuven, where I worked alongside Dr.s, psychologists, and physiotherapists, where we treated  patients with head injuries following serious accidents, which was extremely rewarding.

    During my osteopathic treatment I focus on the following concepts:

    1. Each patient and each situation requires a unique approach.
    2. The body seeks a balance. Osteopathy can help find this.
    3. Tensions or stresses that are found within the body, can’t always be broken with force alone. Often a more gentle, deeper approach is more successful.
    4. Body and soul are not 2 apart entities, they form a whole and should be seem, and treated accordingly.

    Alongside my work as an osteopath, I have a love of art.”

    Vincent is a member of the GNRPO (National organisation of professional osteopaths in Belgium) and the BVP (Belgium organisation of psychotherapists)