• 12 MAY 16
    Enya Voet gets involved with the Special Olympics!

    Enya Voet gets involved with the Special Olympics!

    Osteopath Enya Voet got involved with the Special Olympics national meeting which took place between 4- 7th May 2016 in La Louvière. More than 3400 athletes with a mental handicap took part. Here Enya recounts here experience.

    “I was very happy to be there; even more so as an osteopath. I was taking part in the Healthy Althletes program, which is a program to evaluate the health of the body and physical condition of the athletes. There was a team of osteopaths, which I was part of, as well as other specialisation teams – podiatrists, ear and eye specialists, personal trainers, and dentists were all represented.  Our goal was to screen the athletes. Many don’t talk about their painful points or realise that they have an injury that limits their mobility.

    As an osteopath I worked with my knowledge, using my hands to assess the body. This could be very wide or focused on any injuries, traumas or painful points. Many of the athletes had never been to a physiotherapist, osteopath or any other manual therapist. It was great to see how much they enjoyed the experience, from the attention they received as a top athlete and individual. They also learnt more about their own body, how a tense muscle feels, a joint that doesn’t move well… and I learnt how to assess the body in a subtler broader manner. It was an fantastic experience, and one thing is certain, I’ll be there next year! ”

    – Enya Voet D.O. – osteopath at the Osteopathiepraktijk Tervuren.