Supporting local charities…

How and When?

Every year we try and promote a local charity, both by bringing attention to it, and financially supporting it. We often do this in the ‘warmste week’


In 2020 was this Villa Fura. Chris explains –

‘At the end of 2019 we participated in the ‘warmste week,’ and managed to raise just under 1000 euros for a local charity – Villa Fura, httpss:// This was for a fantastic project, by and for local people.’
In 2021 we donated  250euro to a local organisation to buy Christmas presents for poorer children from Tervuren. The idea was that at Christmas, everyone  would get a toy from father Christmas, regardless of their wealth. A total of 5600 euros was collected and given away in December 2021.

And in 2022? Please let us know if there are any local charities you are passionate about which we could put on the short list.