Babies, children, and adults.


    Bachelor of science honours degree in Osteopathie D.O.

Ellen Watson graduated in 2008 as an osteopath after following a five year course in Gent, Belgium at the International Academy of Osteopathy. (I.A.O) and started work with us in 2009.

She works with us on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Ellen’s vision:

‘From a hollistic point of view, I try to find the cause of the problem, and correct the natural balance of the body. I do this through using structural, visceral and cranial techniques. I find it important to give advice with regards stretches, and diet to help general wellbeing and try and prevent reoccurrence, and if necessary refer on to another specialist.’

‘In the future I want to expand my knowledge of nutrition, because I have noticed a link with chronic symptoms.’

‘I also love treating babies and children, and shall keep following post graduate courses in paediatric osteopathy to try and give them the best start in life as possible.’

Ellen’s background:

‘ I was born in Uccle (Brussels) on 31st July 1985 and have a flemish mother and an english father. I grew up in Sint-Genesis-Rhode in a family where I was emerged in the flemish as well as the english culture. I was also lucky that from a young age to mix and study in french, with french speaking children, meaning I am fluent in all three languages.’

‘In the past I practiced judo and played the piano. I realised from a young age that I wanted to help people with my hands, and that is why I chose to study osteopathy in Gent. During my studies I was active in voluntary work with organising weekends and camps for children with social, physical and mental limitations.’

‘In 2009 I started to work at the Osteopathiepraktijk Tervuren, and in 2014 was blessed with the birth of a daughter! In my free time I enjoy swimming, reading, travel, and of course spending time with my new family!’

Ellen is a member of the Belgium osteopathic organization – Groepering, Nationaal en Representatief voor de Professionele Osteopaten (GNRPO) here in Belgium.