Osteopathy is a modern healthcare profession that is evidence based (www.ncor.org.uk) and widely recommended. Each year 800,000 people in Belgium go to an osteopath.

Treatment combines two of the oldest forms of medicine known to man: massage and manipulation.

It is often thought that osteopaths only treat backs. In fact we can treat so much more: from strained ankles to trapped nerves, headaches to hip pain!

Osteopaths are trained to use their hands to investigate the underlying causes of pain.

Treatment can be tailored to suit people of all ages and has been highly effective in targeting an extensive range of complains, whether the problem occurred recently or has been troublesome for years.

Our hands-on techniques stretch and decongest the body’s muscles, increase circulation and improve joint mobility, helping to reduce pain and stiffness. Improved biomechanics enhances overall health and vitality creating an environment in which the body has a real chance to heal.

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