osteo-485-Edit-EditOsteopathy is a safe, natural healthcare profession which suits people of all ages, including children and youngsters. We as osteopaths are trained to use our hands both to investigate the underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment. We use a variety of techniques depending on the problem and the age of the patient.Osteopathic treatment is very gentle and respectful to the patient and his body.

First consultation

During the first visit we will take a detailed case history of how, when and where the problem started. We will ask questions about the general health of your child and  his or her motor development. If there are things about your child which you wish to discuss without his presence then you are more then welcome to send us an e- mail beforehand.

The case history  is followed by an attentive and overal physical assessment, which includes testing out all the joints in the body for their range of movement. It also involves testing the tension of the surrounding musculature and fascia and often quietly feeling the body tissues for distortion or altered movement.

During the treatment we use gentle mobilising techniques to correct mechanical disturbances and limitations throughout your child’s body. We rarely use quick manipulations in children.

Treatment last around 40 minutes. Your child normally feels completely happy and relaxed during the treatment (little children often play with toys from our basket ). During the treatment we will communicate with you and your child about what we are doing and feeling and what we think the cause of the symptom is. We will also give advise about what you can do at home to help the recovery.

Commonly treated problems in children and youngsters

There is a wide variety of problems we treat with osteopathy in children and youngsters. After 2 or 3 osteopathic treatments there is usually an improvement. Common problems are:

  • sleeping difficulties
  • having difficulties walking, running (falling regularly, stumbling…)
  • growing pain
  • postural problems
  • headaches
  • neck pain, back pain, pelvic pain (for example coccyx pain after fall)
  • tummy aches
  • recurrent ear infections
  • behavioural issues related to physical imbalances and tensions
  • joint pain and strains (knee pain, ankle pain/strain, hip pain, elbow pain…)

Frequently asked questions about treating children and youngsters

Even though teens are a lot more robust than younger children – is it safe? and does it work? are still your first concerns as a parent.

Q. Is it Safe?

As with the younger children we like to use gentle treatment, but with teens where its needed more pressure can be used. Especially if we are talking 16 – 18 year old rugby players! So its very much dependent on the child, their age and their build and of course their complaint. So the treatment of a 16 year old with a sporting injury is very different from the same age patient who presents with anxiety or for hyperventilation problems.

Osteopathy is inherently safe, as the osteopath uses their hands to gently find and treat the area of dysfunction. We are not Doctors and the child should and normally does, feel completely happy and relaxed in the practice. We will explain what we find and what we would like to do and try and involve everyone in the decision making and treatment. Treatment lasts around 40 minutes which gives plenty of time to work holistically.

Q. Does it work?

School-age children – may have difficultly concentrating, coping with learning and writing, or with acquiring and mastering fine and gross motor skills. Their general well-being may suffer from repeated exposure to infections at daycare or at school. Osteopathy aims to support the child through this phase of their development.

Teenagers – Rapid growth and development occurs at this age and regular osteopathic checks and treatment where necessary are vital. Some of the issues that arise at this age include spinal asymmetry, postural fatigue, growth related bone pain, anxiety and headaches. As well as the normal musculo-skeletal injuries!

The osteopathic management of children at all ages is rewarding as the aim is to ensure that every aspect of growth is taking place appropriately, resolving issues promptly as they arise.