After more than 15years studying the functioning of the human body we’ve realized that the body inertly wants to be healthy, to reach a balance.

The body has an amazing ability to compensate for structural, chemical and mental (emotional) stresses. At a certain moment however, the body can have too many stresses and there is a breakdown in compensation. It is at this moment that the body sends the brain a signal and that signal is the sensation of pain.

We believe therefore the aim of treatment, is to treat not only the specific restrictions in the patient so helping the body return to it’s balanced pain-free state; but also to work on the causes of the problem in the first place.

Osteopathy is a collaberation between the patient and the therapist. Together with you, we will search for the best manner to restore and maintain the balance in your body.

From the 1st treatment to the last, we’ll involve you the patient, in understanding what the problem is, why it has occurred, and maybe most importantly, what you can do about it to stop it reoccurring. The treatment will be focused on you, and we’ll involve you at every junction of the treatment.


Here at the Osteopathie Praktijk Tervuren, all our osteopaths are fully qualified, with a bachelor level degree in osteopathy, are professional osteopaths, in the sense they are all D.O.s (which is a protected title) and like other professions (medical doctors, dentists etc) means they work only as osteopaths, are fully insured, have followed a recognised degree course, follow strict postgraduate requirements, and are members of the professional organization of osteopaths.



We aim to make you the patient, feel welcome, comfortable, valued, secure, and relaxed. We are a family run practice where we dont stand above you as therapists, but next to you in a postive, neutral, honest, understanding environment.


Here at the Osteopathie Praktijk Tervuren we follow regular high level postgraduate courses, have regular meetings together, welcome all feedback, and strive to be at the cutting edge of osteopathic care. This is to ensure that your treatment you receive is the very best osteopathy has to offer.